Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Sister Tris

As you guys know, RYKA has been sponsoring women's races across the country this summer and I have been traveling willy-nilly attending them. Awesomely enough, the last race was in Columbia, Maryland which is conveniently located in Megan and Sterling's backyard. I talked Megan into doing the triathlon with me and then promptly hurt my back so....Megan is a rock star and went through with it anyway. The truth is that body marking is the only reason I even want to do one of these. It looks so hardcore.
Here is Megan getting ready for the swim. I had to go back to work so Ster-dog took the rest of the photos. Anyone want to take bets on whether those ever see the light of day?
One thing is for sure though. We are awfully cute.

So congrats Megan! You are a triathlete!

Now we have LOTOJA and the Nike Marathon left on the Clifford tour of events for 2006.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

summer days are gone too soon....

my friend had a barbecue // movie night last night
as a sort of....end of summer hurrah.
(nevermind the fact that my summer was over last week.)
i had greg's camera with me and thought i might post a few pictures.
nobody really wanted to take pictures in the dark with the flash on.
Image Hosted by

but they warmed up to it.
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i made faces with logan, mason, and patrick.
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a picture with my girls...and logan.
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seth and i laughed about something...(oh, guys, that's my boyfriend.)
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one more with the girls (maddie & tia).
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and then it was time for bed.
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this summer was pretty great.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

i knew i was adopted.

this is my REAL family.
there's some obvious resemblance.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

What is more fun than Relief Society?

Why, a surprise visit with Megan Clifford of course!

I heard from Sterling last week that Megan was going to be in Salt Lake this weekend for her high school reunion and while her schedule was rather full there was a possibility we might see her. So there I was driving to church on Sunday when I luckily checked my messages and discovered Megan was killing some time at the Gateway before her flight left, so Christasha and I met up with her at the mall for a treat.

Well, treats after there was a smoothie disaster.

Luckily, because Megan spends all her time saving the East Coast waters, she knows just what to do in emergency spill situations and was resourceful enough to even find a CAUTION sign to protect people walking by...amazing.

Megan and Christopher enjoyed ice cream treats as we discussed plans for the Philippines trip next May (Logan, we're all going to go after you get home, we'll tell you about it later).

I loved my ice cone dipped in chocolate, but just so you know a Dairy Queen medium is really huge.

I had to get to church for sacrament, so we said goodbye, but it was really great to see at least half of the rarely seen Baltimore Cliffords.

a taste of things to come

how was my vacation to San Francisco?

Dance parties and men in hot pants. Need I say more?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

oh, and also.

happy anniversary sterling and megan!

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(art school here i come....)

pick up the pace, k town.

yeah that's you katie.
you took like 21289346 pictures when you were here.
and i've seen like 6 of them.
i'm nto gonna lie, i looked pretty adorable in a few.
so maybe post some more?

oh, p.s. kids.
i start school in 10 days.
high school.
a sophomore.
are you serious?