Friday, July 07, 2006


I think anyone who knows Grandma and Grandpa Burt know that there is the annual Cache Valley Cruise-In Car Show in Logan every summer. And not only is there a car show, but there is also a Main Street car parade that drive right past the Logan house and all sorts of Cache Valley cousins and aunts and uncles and friends show up for the event. Every year it sounds interesting, but this year the excitement was upped cus Grandpa was showing the Mustang AND driving in the parade. We decided we did not want to miss the fun.

So Christopher, Tasha, Chuck, Elizabeth and I got up nice and early on the 1st of July so we could get on the road to Logan and enjoy the day (we actually left at 12:30).
The kids in the back

and Chuck.

Christopher felt like he needed to get a bike ride in, so he figured we could drop him off in Brigham City and he'd ride his bike the rest of the way. It's only like 20 or 30 miles he told us. Yeah Christopher, but UP A CANYON. Whatever, his funeral I guess.

But luckily, only about an hour after we got to Grandma's he showed up alive and well (though thirsty).

There were scattered people around the house, and Grandpa was with the Mustang at the car show. The parade was scheduled to start at 6:30, but as can be expected, Grandma was busy preparing for the masses.

Jessie's Emma was helping out of course (she is too cute for words by the way and will make several more appearences).

And yes, Grandma had both Diet Coke and Caffeine Free Diet Coke.

There were chairs of all sizes for all sizes of people. I didn't know those camping chairs came for little bodies too.

We decided to head to the car show and I thought "eh, it'll be cool to see Grandpa with his car, but that's probably it". Well, I was I was wrong. In case anyone was wondering, old cars are bad to the bone, especially this Packard.


Of course we hit up Grandpa first and foremost. He was so excited to be there and his car won the Judges Favorite for Original Owner!

How adorable is this man?

Grandpa took off to get in line for the awards ceremony and we made our way through the fairgrounds. Chuck and Christopher were like 'woah!' when we saw this Cobra.

I was more like 'big deal' so they told me the engine was like a 610. And I was still like 'big deal'. But then they said that even like really pretty fast cars have engines that are like 290. So then I was like 'WOAH!' and I took a picture.

There were Impalas

and Corvettes

and fins. Oh my!

Christopher liked this style:

Cus you don't fix the body, you just beef up the engine and leave the rest of it old and rusty. I'm still on the fence since I just like those pretty paint jobs so much.

We walked all over the place and probably saw a million cars. We were about to be done when we beheld this:

Yes. A Deloreon. And there was not just one, but two!

I actually think they are weird, but you know, you still have to take a couple pictures if you care at all about Back to the Future.

And then besides cars we saw really cute,

as well as really huge refill mugs (but car show, you know?).

Tasha's sister Brittany works at Cold Stone in Logan, so we got some ice cream before settling down for the parade. Apparently, I was too busy eating to take any picures. But luckily on the car ride back to Grandma's house, Tasha did snap this winner:

I'm glad to know there are still places in America where a thong only costs $2.

We took our places on the edge of the lawn and the parade began.

The spectators were excited.

I don't think I'm the only one who assumes the guy driving this is trying to make up for insecurities about other areas in his life....

A few minutes into the parade we saw the Mustang coming! And it was throwing candy which was great cus nobody else did (since technically you weren't supposed to).

Since Grandma was busy with her guests, Grandpa had Jayne, Pat and Julie riding with him.

After the parade was over Grandpa returned to a throng of fans and showed off his cool clock prize.

People filtered out slowly and in the time remaining I tried to steal a few more photos out of the whole thing.

Emma loved Elizabeth.

Grandma and Jackie were as cute as teenage girls.

The twins ate Cheetos (I have no idea which one is Alex and which one is Ben but who cares, they are so cute).

This little distant cousin tried to play football with the boys.

The adults folded their arms and chatted.

The teenage girls gathered.

iPods were shared.

And I just couldn't get over Emma...the most adorable things come out of her little brain.

All in all, not a bad way to spent a Saturday...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Remember Mike Kelly?

He's really happy in Boston with his lovely girlfriend Kim. We all had hamburgers in Harvard Square tonight. Good times.