Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Trip South

So, it is now Personal Postcard Time for cliffordkids.com.

First from Argentina,

For Elizabeth; the White Cat of La Boca. Is it called that by the locals? I dunno but, this makes me think Debbie Harry, The Cars, The Bangles, or Dire Straights album covers.

For the dewy eyed engaged ones:

Bust this move out at the wedding, eh? Eh?

For the older and wiser Christopher:

Flash, fins, and storage for the bike!

For Jayne; the U.S. has a White House; Argentina has a Pink House.

And a prominent female contender. Stay tuned for October 19th.

For Kate:

I believe they call this store NIKECHATEAU.

For Sterling:

"I had a horrible time and the food was terrible!"

For Tasha:

From the famous cemetery in Ricoletta where Eva Peron rests.

In Chile:

For Pops:
The Andes

"Eat somebody else's heart out!" Eh?

For Emily.

Hipper stencils then those they Toll Paint with.

Who's coming next time?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

check it out: i totally work here.