Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Happy Birthday Old Man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad is sixty, the big 6-0, four times the age of his youngest child, 10 years closer to being a century old than he is to being a new born, so old...well, you get it.

Happy Birthday Dad, in honor of you here is a card.

and here is the Key.
1)A NASCAR car, I don't know if you like the Jimmy Dean number 10 car or not, but I figured it embodied the NASCAR spirit more than, say, the M&M's.
2)Self explanatory
3)A Fraggle, for those of you who aren't closely related this will make no sense. But man it's funny to those of us who do get it!
4)It's a potato.
5)It's a spatula and it represents your love of cooking.
6)It's a happy kidney. I got the picture from this kinda creepy website.
7)A Gretsch. Not only do you play one of these dad, but it also represents all music, from credence clearwater revival (one band I associate with you) to John Denver, to your apparent new found love of Bright Eyes.
8)This typewriter is because you write, and you do it very, very, very well. Which has helped us all out a great deal (cus we got some of that talent, and you've written a couple of +A papers for my classes).
9)It was a long time ago so you might not remember, but you were in the Air Force.
10)It's a horse, or it's supposed to be. I guess it could be a cow. It goes along with the big picture of Idaho.
11)I think a common memory for us is you and pepsi. I tried to draw something that looked like you driving with a coke or pepsi in a paper cup and one hand out the window, but it didn't really work, so I just used a pepsi bottle.
12)It's you. You may wonder why you are square and wearing a sleeveless t-shirt that says "Dictionary." Well, it's not a t-shirt, it is a dictionary, because you are a walking fount of knowledge.

You may be wonder where the most important part of you life is, your kids. We're there, right underneath the "ti-" in "dictionary." We're in your heart old man.

Happy birthday, enjoy it cus the next big one is 70!!!

*again, these cards are only a sampling of memories and are by no means meant to represent the entire life of the subject.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

On The Scene / Nightmare at 20,000 feet

This is from the first episode ever of the Twilight Zone, note The Shatner to the right. I first saw this when I was 11 or...12?

On alternating Holidays the So Cal local FOX network (brand spankin' new back then) would broadcast marathons of either I Love Lucy or --wait for it--- THE TWILIGHT ZONE!!!!! I used to know all the episodes but this is the one that is classic 'B' TV that requires reverence. Genuflect.

The Dude (The Shatner) gets on a plane, plane enters T-storm, The Dude thinks he sees something out on the wing....

"AHHHH! AHHHHH! Don't LOOK! If only you could run away!"

I loved it, loooved it. Sci Fi freakn' ROCKS!

Then I saw this from my 19A seat on the way from Denver to Baltimore: G'head click it.

Then wait through the commercial...look I swear it's worth the troub--

So anyway
All of a sudden I'm the great Shatner.

"Is anyone else seeing this? "
"Am I sure that's what I see?"
"Are the pilots really not going to say anything about this?"
"Isn't it heading straight for the airport?"
"Am I ...Crazy?"

Then It's gone and I am alone. Wondering, pondering.



Don't worry, I still drooled on the lady next to me that flight.

Cliffords Rock

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Hi Logan

Wow. You are so adorable I can't stand it.
We miss you.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hey you guys!

Remember this?
It was like, one year ago today and stuff.

Congratulations you two!