Monday, March 27, 2006

Where's Katie?

Let's play a game.It's called-"where the heck is our sister?"

Today I'm in Denver.

That is all.


I realize it has been a few weeks now and I've circulated a few photos through e-mail, but I wanted to throw up a couple more from the eventful and delightful Julia Voros Henderson (weird!) wedding.

When the Alma friend designated to take photos at the temple didn't end up bringing his camera, the lot fell to Mike Maahs, who *luckily* had his camera on him. He had a little 8mm camera too, so while he ran around with that, I made up the difference with his SLR.

I realize when I end up taking photos that do not take enough pictures these days and I do not devote enough time to shooting and working at getting better. I think I feel just enough uncomfortable about the technical side of my skills, that I allow that fear of not knowing enough to take over and create self-doubt; a nasty little habit I unfortunately find infiltrating nearly every aspect of my life in some form. But I love photography and I shouldn't be afraid of it; I should just work at it (duh).

waiting for the bride and groom.

everyone's favorite fred in the world.




julia's flower.

the bride and groom.

I did take my camera down to St. George this past weekend while Katie and Tasha and I were visiting the Grandparents Burt and I shot a ton, so I shall post again once I get the film back...

Saturday, March 25, 2006

nerrrrrds! i guess if we really tried we could be even
we all have t.shirts.

we are all, or most of us ayway, sharing a blog.

i don't know where we crossed the awesome line.

but perhaps we should take a step back.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

it's about time

after all...we wear t-shirts with the name, might as well all blog with the name.